Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Your Guilt Factor?

Hey ladies, let's be honest... if you’re a mother you most likely feel guilty about something. If you’re a working mom, like me, you most likely feel guilty almost all the time. I know I feel it when I have to work late or when I’m rushing the kids to bed after only being with them for a short time during the evening. Or on the weekends, I feel bad because I’m already thinking about what’s coming up the next work/school week, or the flip side, when I'm smothering them to death. What’s wrong with us? We feel bad when we’re with them and bad when we’re not. And how come celebrity moms make it look so easy?

If you’re struggling with what’s expected of moms today ~ and what’s supposed to help you rear the best possible kids ever, you’re not alone! Check out this article entitled Mother Madness recently published in The Wall Street Journal.

My fave quote by writer Erica Jong: “As long as women remain the gender most responsible for children, we are the ones who have the most to lose by accepting the ‘noble savage’ view of parenting, with its ideals of attachment and naturalness. We need to be released from guilt about our children, not further bound by it. We need someone to say: Do the best you can. There are no rules.” ~KLB

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