Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Planning 101

Do post-it notes rule your life?
Just returned home from a much-deserved weekend away. The perfect escape from reality ~ relaxing and unwinding in the tropics. But despite being miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the hecticness of school agendas and sports with the boys in the 'burbs, I found myself anxiously writing my "to-do" list on the beach, continuing on the flight home. Yes, I'm a self-proclaimed "planner." Always have been, and most likely always will be. And for some odd reason, this soothes me. However over the years, I've had to learn not to get too disappointed if my days don't turn out as planned. After all, we're only human. Here are my top five ways to stay on top of your game at work and play:
1. Prepare the kids' lunches the night before; set their lunch bags on the kitchen counter for easy pick up.
2. Determine what you will wear the next day in order to save time during the morning rush, and if possible shower (wash your hair) when the kids are in bed.
3. Listen to the news for commuter information. If you take a train, subway or brave the traffic on your own, schedule your route accordingly and avoid problem areas so not to start your day off on a bad note.
4. When you have some down-time during the day, on your lunch break or the ride home, jot down notes for the next day as reminders so you're already thinking ahead.
5. Get your kids into the habit of finishing their homework at the beginning of the week or the day they get their assignments. This way you'll be teaching them not to procrastinate and your weeks will go a lot smoother without having to rush projects the night before they are due.  Less stress for everyone. ~ KLB

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