Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stress "less" tips and study

According to a study out of Harvard Medical School, women who said their job requires them to work "very hard" or "very fast" but who have little say over their day-to-day tasks -- a combination known as "job strain" -- were 88% more likely than those in less-stressful jobs to have a heart attack. They were also 43% more likely to need heart surgery. In addition, women who were stressed out by work or worried about losing their jobs were more likely than those with steady employment to be physically inactive and to have high cholesterol, according to CNN's report of the research. My two cents? I say that if you're a mom on top of this ~ you’ve got even more chance of being stressed, which is not good for your health at all.

My 3 tips to relieve stress in your life:
1.    Don’t take your work home with you (although I’m the worst culprit for this: working on the train, jumping online at night or on the weekends… agh!!)
2.    Schedule your vacation days as “important appointments” and give yourself something to look forward to with your family. Don’t ever cash them in (if your company allows). You deserve the time off.
3.    Divide and conquer with your significant other ~ one of you go grocery shopping and to the bank, while the other takes the kids to soccer and so on. -- KLB

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