Monday, July 9, 2012

Is Your Reality in Check?

Kids are a big job. Lately I’ve been so wrapped up in my work that it took my 3-year-old to bring me back to reality. They demand our time, our attention and certainly our love. So the last few months I have been trying to figure out a way to best balance my home and work life and I think it’s starting to come together. My new mantra is trust your gut and go with your heart.

I love my career and my kids – so what's a mom to do? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that being a mom is my number one priority and therefore my life choices will reflect this pre-set plan set forth in my life. My passion for work comes into play too, and I'll always be a working mom -- but we need to remain realistic about our priorities. Like every mom out there knows, it's the little people that rule our world, not a pay check.

A special thank you to my two boys Connor (7) and Brock (3) for giving me the courage to look inside and see the light. You are my little angels and in the words of Doreen Virtue: "Our children are our teachers, so let them show us the way." So true, you guys are the greatest teachers of all.

Love you, mom. 

P.S. Check out my health and fitness blog for more reflection on how to balance life and be happy. Until next time!

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